Cowboys and Indians


While playing a game of Cowboys and Indians a group of kids were transported through their imagination to a mysterious ghost town. The town is made up of two sides with an alley running through the center. On either side of the long alley there are buildings that can be used as strategic shooting points with bonuses for anyone daring to enter.


Players start in corrals at either end of the playing area. The ideal number of players for this level is six with three starting at each end. The format of this level is designed as a deathmatch. The pens at either end have exits so that players have and equal amount of space to get to the nearest building. Players start with the default weapons of Unreal. Throughout the game there are weapons pick-ups including a sniper rifle which, is useful on top of the buildings and on balconys and, a rocket launcher. There are also two building which can be entered. The bank holds a safe with a semi-hidden entrance and a teller counter with its own entrance. The saloon is home to tables and a bar which act as cover. In this level players will encounter:
  • Weapons pickups
  • Indoor and Outdoor aras
  • Semi-Hidden passages
  • Platforms accessible by stairs


  • Two staging areas with three spawn points each
  • Showdown Alley to allow players to simulate a wild-west duel
  • Bank complete with a rocket launcher and sniper rifle pick-up
  • Saloon with pick-ups and plenty of cover provided by tables and a bar


  • A general store was removed from the original design in order to complete the level by the deadline but, may be added in the future.
  • Wagon wheels and barrels were not designed due to their advanced shapes.
  • Added a safe and a second floor were added to the bank.


This level was designed for the CET104 games technology module at the University of Sunderland. The level was designed and built within a semester. The goal of this level was to learn and apply the basics of UDK to develop a playable level. This goal was met however, some more detailed ideas were put aside to meet the deadline. Future development of this level would include the following:
  • More detailed objects and smaller objects
  • Better landscaping
  • More functional lighting
  • A general store
  • More textures
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